Well, we could have been Evolve

Evolve means development: a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage (especially a more advanced or mature stage);

Simply because though we know where we want to go - we do not know (to be frank) what path to take to reach there - since there are a trillion and one ways to it. Its not an easy path that we tread - and evolution is not easy anyway.

But, then we came to know that the name Evolve is simply not available. Hence, the name Io - the name of one of Jovian (Jupiter) moons. And why we chose Io? Well, to know more - click here.

Apart from being short-simple-sweet-and-legally available, it symbolizes Man's ultimate destination - Space - without which we would simply blow each other out of existence - and devolve on Earth itself - unless of course, we follow the millenia old Indian wisdom of peaceful existence with Nature - but then, as all can see, we are not doing that.

Hence, we came to be know as Io Technologies and Services Pvt. Ltd. - the real avatar of Evolve.